Holler In The Hills Disc Golf Course (risk of injury)


You are required to sign this waiver to show that you acknowlegde the hazards that are involved as you play my disc golf course and that you are willing to accept full responsibility if you are injured and that you are willing to take the risk on your own behalf. The risk of injury on my disc golf course is not greater than most other courses or a hike in the woods. You have to use common sense and be careful. Some hazards you may face are:
Slipping or tripping – You will be required to walk up and down a lot of hills while playing Holler In The Hills disc golf course. It is very easy to slip or slide on the trails (especially if it is muddy). Please be very careful and take it slow. Do not go up if you can’t get down.
Stray Discs – It is not uncommon for a disc golfer to throw a bad shot or the wind blow a disc way off course. When this happens and there is a risk of a person getting hit, it is customary for the thrower (or anyone who sees it) to yell “Fore”. You also may hear something like “watch out” or “heads up”. Be prepared at all times on the Holler In The Hills disc golf course to duck or take evasive actions when you hear any kind of warning shouted.
Water – The pond is 15′ deep in the middle and there are some steep edges. Be careful when trying to retrieve a disc/frisbee. The creek can be deep in places and also may have a swift current. There is also a high possibilty of sharp glass, metal or other objects that can cut due to items being carried from upstream. The banks of the creek may collapse or cause you to slide in as they contain a lot of sand. NEVER WALK ON ICE NO MATTER HOW THICK YOU THINK IT IS! If you have any concern about retrieving a disc from water, Don’t risk it! Contact me and I will retrieve it right away or in the very near future. Make sure to have your name and phone number on your discs if you want them returned.
Loose Rocks – Kentucky is a rocky place and Holler In the Hills is full of rocks. After each rain, it appears to “grow” rocks because I’m always hitting or spotting new ones when I mow. There are several slopes, hills and trails you must traverse as you play the course and there are likely some loose rocks hidden under the leaves that may cause you to lose your balance or twist an ankle. There is also a Tee off a large boulder. There is only enough room to take one step and throw but the hole is only 150′ so it’s basically a “stand still” shot. The boulder is about 12′ at it’s highest point and rocks are slippery when wet. There is another boulder in use for a basket placement. Its highest point is about 8′. There are also a few other basket placements that are on or near a small cliff or steep slope. Use caution!
Falling Limbs – Nature is always doing its thang and there are dead limbs and sometimes large branches or trees that fall un-aided by wind. If it’s windy, there is a good chance things will be falling. Be aware of your surroundings!
Brairs/Sticker Bushes – If your throw lands off the fairways, there is a chance you may end up in some bushes or plants with thorns. I have ran into many that are razor sharp! I cannot control where your disc goes so please, be very careful when you are off the fairways. You are welcome to stomp any type of thorn bushes in order to retrieve your disc.
Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac – These plants can probably be found on the course. If you have a history of problems with them, please take necessary precautions. Here is a link with more information on poison plants: http://poisonivy.aesir.com/view
Barbed Wire & Fences – There were alot of barbed wire, hot wire and fences on the property and I have tried to clear all wire hazards that might come into play. There is the possibilty of un-noticed wire strands stuck in trees or posts and hidden wire under leaves causing a tripping situation. If you notice any hazardous wire, Please notify me immediately!
Snakes – I have seen snakes on the property (mostly during Spring and Fall). There are three types that are poisonous in my area. I do not believe I have seen any poisonous snakes. I am not an expert so here is a link to help you be aware. http://www.kentuckysnakes.org/
Leave snakes alone and get away!
Ticks – I have discovered ticks on myself on numerous occasions. I usually attract them in the Spring. Here is a link to learn about ticks. http://www.ca.uky.edu/entomology/entfacts/ef618.asp
Don’t forget to check for ticks after spending time in any woods.
Bees, Hornets, Wasps – There is always the risk of being stung in the summer time and if you are allergic to certain types of stings it is highly recommended that you carry an EpiPen, Benadryl or some kind of medication. Please let me know if you stumble onto a Hornets nest and I will take care of it.
I, ________________________________________________ have read this document and I understand the risks of personal injury to myself if I decide to play Holler In The Hills Disc Golf Course. I accept all the risks mentioned in this document and I am ready to play Holler In The Hills Disc Golf Course.