Ground rules

Holler In The Hills Ground Rules

This course is NOT beginner friendly!!!!!

Print this document before you come and play!

I’ve been having trouble with some vandalism and theft. Some asshole severely bent the top of the basket on hole 12 and there is $100 reward for information on who did it! I have also had many of my personal practice discs taken from the course and I have known where lost discs were but I was waiting for the water to subside, mud to dry up or I hadn’t got around to retreiving them and suddenly they are gone! Lost discs are property of Holler In The Hills because I return discs to their rightful owner. This aint a public course where you can find a lost disc and add it to your bag! I also have watched numerous people walk right past the money box and it is starting to piss me off (especially when I am spending countless hours mowing, weed eating and maintaining this place not to mention all the other costs involved for equipment).

IMPORTANT!!! If you don’t sign a waiver before you play Holler In The Hills Disc Golf Course you are trespassing!

  • Please make sure you have your name on all your discs before you play this course because there is a high probability that you will lose a disc.
  • There is a mailbox on hole 5 (by the pond) to put the 5.00 greens fee in. You may also leave donations, lost disc information, feedback and suggestions in the mailbox.
  • Pay attention to all signs. They are there for your safety. Follow all rules.
  • If you lose a disc, please write description, location and other helpful info and put it in the mailbox by the pond. Check once a week and check the “Lost and Found” section or call 270-597-9477 or email for lost disc status.
  • There will be times that the Course will be closed for a family weekend or something. I will post this information in advance on this website or you will see it on the gate when you pull in (that would suck).

There are containers at each Tee for trash so there is no need to litter for any reason. If you smoke, please use common sense about fires and put all extinguished butts in your disc golf bag or trash container. Do NOT intentionally bend, break or destroy any live limbs, branches, saplings, etc. on the property. If you think something needs pruned, put a suggestion in the fee box or let me know on this website. Briars/sticker bushes are the only thing you can destroy although if you’re in a sanctioned event you will have to follow the rules about improving your lie.


Holler In The Hills Ground Rules


•No two meter rule.

•All holes are par 3 for Pro/Advanced except #3 which is a par 5 and #9 which
is par 4. Total par for Course is 57.

•Be careful! Steps leading to #1 Tee may be slippery!
•Water in creek is O.B.. If you have an unplayable lie but are not O.B., Proceed with rule 803.06 (A) Unplayable Lie

A. A player may declare his or her lie to be an unplayable lie. The player is
the sole judge as to whether the lie is unplayable. The unplayable lie may be
relocated to a new lie that is: (1) No closer to the hole, on the line of play
and within five meters of the unplayable lie; or (2) The previous lie as
evidenced by the marker disc or, if the marker disc has been moved, from an
approximate lie as agreed to by the majority of the group or an official. The
original throw plus one penalty throw are counted in the player’s score.


Hole by hole rules:


Hole 1 - 260′ Water in creek
(right side of fairway) and across is O.B..

Water in pond at left by basket is O.B..
Parking lot and gravel road are not O.B.

Next tee: To the right of basket, through path, down the steps and to the left.
Be careful! Steps may be slippery!

Hole 2 – 275′ Water in creek and across is O.B.

If your tee shot goes O.B. on this hole, add one penalty stroke to your score
and shoot your next shot from the “DROP ZONE”. All other O.B.s after
your tee shot are played the normal way. Rope along left is O.B.

Please give players driving on hole #3 the right of way.

Next Tee: Go halfway back down #2 fairway and to the right.

Hole 3 – 740′ (Par 5) 320′ to ditch/gap. 405′ to pin from
ditch/gap. Ditch is 15 feet wide.

Water on right is O.B..   Rope on left side of fairway is O.B..

Please be aware off the Tee for golfers over shooting hole 18 to the left.

This hole is designed for a set up shot in the gap between the tree wall and
the creek. There is a 5′ deep ditch at this point. From the ditch, the basket
is straight ahead, nestled in the trees with water all along right side of
fairway. You may try to clear the wall of trees off the Tee if you like but be
aware of the O.B. rope line on the Tee side and basket side of tree wall.

Next Tee is up the path by #3 basket.

Hole 4 – 368′ Basket is straight ahead/slightly right.

Rope on left side of fairway is O.B..

The tree line (marked with string) right side of barn or on top of barn are O.B..
If your tee shot goes O.B. on this hole, add one penalty stroke to your score
and shoot your next shot from the “DROP ZONE”. The “DROP
ZONE” is on left side of fairway across from barn. All other O.B.s after
your tee shot are played the normal way. Any water past basket area is casual.

Next Tee is in front of big barn. “The pond shot”.

Hole 5 – 225’ Water is O.B..
If you land in water on your tee shot, go to “Drop Zone” with a one
throw penalty. Drop Zone is a rubber tee pad by the pond. All other O.B.s after
your tee shot are played the normal way.

If you don’t think you can make it across the pond on your tee shot or you
don’t want to risk losing a disc, you should lay up your tee shot to the
“Drop Zone” area and then shoot across pond. DON’T RISK LOSING A GOOD

Next Tee: (FACING POND AT BASKET) walk left and out path, go right and pass
small building. Tee is straight ahead on mound.

Hole 6 – 265′ This shot goes between the bus and small barn.
The basket is 30′ in front of bus and a little left. Over fence on left side of
fairway is not O.B. but be careful of barbed wire when retrieving disc. If you
land on, in or under the barn or bus, throw next shot from DROP ZONE with no

Next Tee is next to big barn.

Hole 7 – 340′ The basket is straight ahead through a small gap
marked with paint/reflectors. THIS GAP IS NOT A MANDO but it is the preferred
route to the basket. It’s about 310′ to gap with basket 30′ past gap. There’s a
small drop off beyond basket. Any water is casual here. There is a rope at the
upper, left corner of #7 fairway which is O.B. in order to protect golfers at
#8 Tee. There is also a line of string down the right side/tree line of fairway
which is O.B..

#8 Tee is through path at gap.

Hole 8 – 227′ THIS SHOT HAS A MANDO. The mando tree is
marked by a sign and reflectors. Your disc must pass on the right side of this
tree. After you pass the mando, anything is safe.

The rope from the Tee to the mando is O.B..If you miss the mando or go O.B. add
a one throw penalty and Tee from the “Drop Zone”. The basket is
through the pocket. The fairway hooks slightly left and narrows toward the

Next Tee is the wood platform.

Hole 9 – 275′ uphill (Par 4) This shot shoots up the road.
There is a red reflector on a tree. The basket is 20’
left of tree with reflector. There is a fenced area just left of
reflector tree to keep stray discs from rolling too far. If you FLY over this
fence, shoot your next shot from the gap between the fences with no penalty
stroke. There is no O.B. on this hole. Watch for slippery steps.

Next Tee : Continue up the road.

Hole 10 – 340′ This shot plays straight ahead into the wooded
area and then hooks gradually 45 degrees to the left. If you go long and right
you will be heading downhill. There is no O.B. on this hole.

Next Tee is 75′ forward. Look for a red reflector.

Hole 11 – 170′ Sharply up hill. This shot plays uphill and
quickly left. Don’t go too far left or you will be putting up at the basket! If
you go up and to the right, you will be in #13 fairway. There is no O.B. on this hole.

Next Tee: Downhill behind basket and 125′ to the right. Be careful walking down
small hill. Very slick if muddy!

Hole 12 – 260′ The basket is straight up the hill and is
nestled on a large boulder. The further left you land on the drive, the harder
your upshot will be. Area behind basket and right is fairly flat. Left of
basket drops off about 6 feet. Very nice view from basket. There is no O.B. on
this hole. Putt off boulder at your own risk! Boulder face is steep and slick in places.
You may retrieve your disc with a stick and putt from drop zone at the base of
the boulder with no penalty.

Next Tee: Go 75′ back down fairway and look left. Small safety fence at Tee

Hole 13 – 270′ This fairway is straight, then
gradually/slightly left. If you go long and right you will be heading downhill
toward #11 Tee. Yell “fore” if you yank it toward #11 Tee. It seems
easy to go long here. Be careful of the itchy nettles around basket area. There
is a fence if you go long. It is not O.B. but there may be barbed wire in the

Next Tee is up the path to the left of basket (tees off the boulder).

Hole 14 – 150′ This shot requires you to stand still and shoot
or take one step and shoot off a large boulder. The basket is straight ahead on
top of another large boulder. Be careful when going up and down steps to Tee.

There is no O.B. on this hole but it is fairly easy to land on #13 fairway so
be careful.

There is no relief when your disc is up against a tree or boulder!

Next Tee is up the path to the right of basket.

Hole 15 – 210′ This is a dogleg right. Walk forward about 100′
and look right to see the basket location. If you cut too early right, you will
be blocked by the bluff wall. There is no O.B. on this hole.

There is no relief when your disc is up against a tree or boulder!

Next Tee: ALTERNATES: Follow path at left 40 feet to A
– 190’ straight ahead. Next tee is down path next to log at left.

Notes for extra holes: These holes were recently
created and there are a lot of leaves hiding small stumps and tons of loose
rocks. Please be very careful when navigating this area. Take short steps and
take it slow when going up and down the hills!!! We tried to make the rough off
the fairways not too bad but there is some bad stuff out there! The baskets are
temp baskets and you may pass through the chains if you’re not careful so take
nothing for granted when putting on the temps. There are rakes by most tees if
you feel you need them.

B – 140’ Tough walk up this hill!!! The basket is up
against the back wall but there is an indention
in the wall along the bottom. If you go in there, you get one meter relief away
from lower wall and then deal with it. Exercise caution around this basket!
Next tee – follow path at left which leads up, around the corner to the cave.

C –  250’ Lots of loose rocks on the walk down. It was difficult to
create this tee and it should be adjusted in the future. Tall guys use caution
when backing up too far on the tee or you might hit your noggin! We created a
small window in the woods so you can see the basket from the tee. It’s an
anhyzer hole for righties. Tip for AMs: Throw a putter or mid range downward
with anhyzer and spin or forehand. If you hyzer out left……….good luck! Next tee
– follow path at left about 100 feet.

D – 190’ Straight down the pipe. Next tee – 20 feet
forward and left up the path.

E – 140’ straight up on rock ledge. Lots of flat landing room
behind. Use caution around this basket and walking up the trail. Next tee is
down the path to right.

Hole 16 - 350′ Sweet shot shooting downhill and slightly
right. The basket sits on a ledge. There is a valley along right side at basket
area. If you go long or way right, you will be mountain climbing! Just behind
the basket there is a small drop off to a 10’ wide road. Beyond the road is the
valley. There is no O.B. on this hole. Don’t overshoot it!

Next Tee is left of basket and down path.

Hole 17 – 315′ Keep your eye on your drives. They seem to
drift a long time. Be careful walking down and up hillsides. There may be some
loose rocks or hidden ruts and it will be slippery if wet. There is an old
barbed wire fence along the left. It is not O.B. but be careful when retrieving
discs. Any water in creek is not O.B.

Note to assholes: Please don’t try to sit and slide on hand rail!

Next Tee is left and out path..

Hole 18 – 310′ Straight downhill. Be careful! It’s easy to go
long and there’s an O.B. rope line past the basket. Pond at left is O.B. and
there is a small pond at bottom of hill on right that is O.B.. There is also some
nasty rough early left and long/right behind RV.


If you land on or under a building or vehicle, play it as casual.

Pay attention when walking down old road. There are alot of holes from erosion
and lose gravel from rains. Go slow and be careful!

Next Tee is down road past RV and shack to parking area entrance.